About the Artist

How did it start

Emily started drawing as early as she could remember when pretty faraway princesses in frocks living in a beautiful castle was the thing with little girls. Despite growing up in a ‘kampong’ and single storey terrace  house from the quaint Malacca, her artistic influence was from TVs, books from Malacca public library in Dewan Hang Tuah, Thai Kuangs and Lim Brothers Bookstore - where the East meets West with the legend of Hikayat Hang Tuah and Puteri Gunung Ledang versus the adventures of Wizard of Oz and The Enchanted Forest. This was her life.

Self taught in art, Emily had no qualms that her destiny was to be an artist and fashion designer at 17. She wanted to be bowing at runways after her fashion shows in Paris and New York.

At 21, she however graduated from Australia with a double degree in Finance and Marketing and later an MBA  at 26.

First painting
The message

It was a twisted plot.

17 years later (of soul searching) and climbing the corporate ladder, Emily still vows to the Gods that art is her vocation despite it all (a little of a drama queen indeed). Her visit to see David at the Accademia Gallery attested to the admiration of her all time favorite artist, the great Michelangelo while Monet and Renoir are her favorite Impressionist painters. Despite it all, she remains a big fan to Audrey Kawasaki and  Jack Vettriano, often musing over with much veneration. Back home locally, Chan Fee Ming and Ahmad Zakii Anuar have been her local heroes.

Emily currently works and live in the vibrant city of gastronomic haven – Kuala Lumpur. For the Pisces she is, she believes in magic, karma and awesomeness. Celebration to life is her mantra and is often caught with good food, good music, good book, good tea, good art, good rides and good vibration.

This page on the other hand, was created to celebrate her work. As the saying goes, “You don’t get into something to test the waters, you go into things to make waves.” This is her aspiration..

From The Artist herself –  Joie de vivre.